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About Us

We are a group of avid travelers that understand how rewarding solo traveling can be. It’s liberating, it’s a chance to rediscover yourself and it’s all about you. Solo traveling is just that amazing! As exciting as it sounds, we soon became aware of the challenges that solo travelers face. It started with a trip to Los Angeles where we talked about our differences in travel goals. As the conversation continued, a question was raised by the only female in the group.

Is it safe for us (females) to travel alone?

The question sparked off a heated discussion of travel-related discrepancies and difficulties encountered by women. It was then when we realised, something has to be done.

Our Mission

We started Chirpey with a mission to empower every female traveller. By fostering a safety-centric community, we would be the driving force of travel safety, allowing every female traveler to explore without worries.

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Have a question or suggestion? Send us a message at [email protected]!